Will Smith Brings Back ‘Fresh Prince’ On ‘Fallon’ While Performing Some Of The Best TV Themes Of All Time

Will Smith brought a lot of energy and Instagram / YouTube craziness to his appearance on Thursday’s Tonight Show. Not only did he come out strapped with a camera that is sure to have footage that’s going to end up online, declaring to Jimmy Fallon that he’s gone “YouTube stupid” and wanting to share in the excitement by capturing all angles. He even brought a drone to fly around and capture all the bits that he couldn’t get with his own camera rigs.

But Smith’s Instagram and YouTube obsession wasn’t the best part of this Fallon appearance. He brought the energy and was clearly feeling nostalgic, jumping into a remix of The History of TV Theme Songs with the host and ending with a trip from Philly to Bel-Air with the theme from The Fresh Prince. Smith doesn’t seem too scared to jump back into his past successes when it comes to talk show appearances, not only did he recreate the opening with Ellen back in December, he also performed it with his son on The Graham Norton Show and then brought out Alfonso Ribeiro for a bit of Carlton Banks’ famous dance.

This time around it’s Fallon and Smith tackling the theme — something the host has done by himself in the past when he took his show to LA — all before heading into the audience to go a little crazy. The energy was high from start to finish, which probably wasn’t what many viewers were expecting when they let the TV on after the local news.

(Via Tonight Show)