People Lost Their Minds After Dolly Parton Responded To A Tweet From The ‘Ted Lasso’ Account

It’s been a bit of a bumpy season for Ted Lasso. The feel-good (but not that good) show about an upbeat (but anguished) soccer coach amassed a ton of Emmys, including star/co-creator Jason Sudeikis. But the new season, which is still rolling out, has been hotly contested, and there’s been talk of a backlash, then a backlash to the backlash, then a backlash to the backlash to backlash, etc. But there’s one person who seems very pro-Ted Lasso: Dolly Parton.

It all started when a fan, dealing with the headache that is air travel, tried to overcome his frustrations by asking, “what would @TedLasso do?” The show’s Twitter account — which sometimes trades in motivational sloganeering — responded by asking a similar question of a real-life public figure.

“That’s funny, when it comes to small talk I often ask myself what would Dolly Parton do?” the account posted. “Start with the 9 to 5 and end with God Only Knows.”

The post didn’t tag the legendary country singer-songwriter and actress. But she found it anyway and responded.

You’re too sweet, @TedLasso!” Parton wrote, adding, “I heard you left some @AFCRichmond tickets at will call under my name?” (That’s a reference to the team Lasso coaches.)

Twitter can be a hellscape of fury and paranoia, but sometimes you get a beloved musician trading jokes with a fictitious character. And people ate it up.

Some imagined Parton going on Ted Lasso.

Which she apparently watches.

And it came on the same day Parton gushed about Lil Nas X covering one of her most cherished songs, “Jolene.”

To sum up: Twitter — sometimes it’s good.