Will There Be A ‘3 Body Problem’ Season 2?

Netflix has not shied away from the twistiest, turniest TV show possible lately, and the Game of Thrones showrunners are throwing their own curveballs with 3 Body Problem. The sci-fi series, which is based upon Liu Cixin’s bestselling novel series, is a far cry from dragons and the Battle of Winterfell, but these guys cannot help but be attracted to projects with massive scope.

In this case, we’re talking about the fate of humanity after the discovery of aliens, followed by the inability of mankind to not poke the space bear, so to speak. The binging began in earnest this week, and already, people are now wondering whether there will be more from Netflix.

Will There Be A 3 Body Problem Season 2?

In all likelihood, the answer to that question is “yes.” David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were very upfront about their multi-season plan for this project, and viewers surely want to know how the rest of this story rolls out, particularly because aliens announced their impending arrival (which is actually pretty far off into the future) and their plans to destroy humanity. The back end of the season dives into Wallfacer Project from the Planetary Defense Council, and the greatest minds on Earth are tasked with convening to think very hard about how to solve this problem without articulating plans loud because that’s the only way to not tip off the San-Ti’s sentient supercomputer system.

Granted, actually watching that happen sounds about as action-packed as Breaking Dawn‘s “mind shield” from Bella as written in The Twilight Saga, but that’s why dramatization and story tweaks exist. The show does take plenty of liberties, of course, but the mankind does not bode well with the failure of the Staircase Project, and there are still plenty of other balls in the air, too, as this series continues to toss around complex scientific concepts in a cast including Eiza González and Benedict Wong.

With that said, there has not been a renewal yet from Netflix, so that we can eventually find out if mankind finds a solution before the San-Ti arrive on Earth. Yet these are very early days. Hang tight for more updates.