Will There Be A Season 4 Of ‘Emily In Paris?’

(Emily In Paris spoilers will definitely be found below.)

Emily Cooper and friends only hit Netflix for Season 3 on December 21, but the show’s so easily digestible that a lot of people are… already done watching. Naturally, they’re now wondering (due to a cliffhanger) when they will see more. And if they will see more at all. If you are one of those interested viewers, we have good news for you.

Emily In Paris already received a Season 4 renewal, and as you can see above, this happened when the Season 3 announcement surfaced. The breezy comedy is simply too addictive despite being completely devoid of substance, but perhaps that’s one of best explanations for why this show’s a hit. Not everything needs to be completely cerebral, you know? Sometimes you simply wanna tune out of your mind and watch some soap operatics with nice scenery in a place far from home.

In other words, we’ll get to see the fallout from Gabriel and Camille’s wedding ceremony falling apart, which led to Gabriel’s revelation that Camille is pregnant, and he’s most definitely the father of this baby. Alfie has fled, and Emily and Gabriel both actually seem like they’re done dancing around their attraction and screwing people over, but will they actually happen? I’m guessing that Gabriel will (once again) try to make it work with Camille, which probably isn’t fair to anyone at this point. Maybe Camille will decide that everyone needs to shove it.

Whatever the case, it’s wonderful news that we’ll eventually see that drama happen. No release date exists yet, but stay tuned.

Emily In Paris Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.