This Might Be The Worst Contestant ‘Family Feud’ Has Ever Seen, And Steve Harvey Can’t Even

Family Feud has seen its fair share of amazing contestants and answers over the years, but this unaired clip uploaded to YouTube is what Steve Harvey supposedly calls “the greatest television that won’t be seen.” The question was simple: “What’s another way people say ‘mother’?” And this woman named Sheila… Could. Not. Get. It. Sheila’s team initially won the face-off with the answer “Mommy.” Simple enough, right?

Sheila’s first teammate guessed “Nanny,” which was not on the board. Her second teammate then guessed “Nana,” which was likewise not on the board. Then Sheila guessed… “Nana.” As if she could get away from saying it slightly differently than her teammate did? When that didn’t work, she went with the tried and true “Mommy,” again. And when that didn’t work… Welp, you can probably guess what happened next.

For all of the craziness Steve Harvey has seen over the years, even he was at a loss for words, telling the audience, “This sh*t can’t be happening.” Although he reassured that when the episode finally aired, “we’re gonna cut this down to one, maybe two nanas, maybe two nanas and mommas.” In the end, he still gave Sheila one more chance before ending this Family Feud purgatory for everyone.

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