W(TF)ilfred Recap: ‘Stagnation’

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08.23.13 3 Comments

stagnation wilfred

“Stagnation” is right. After two superb, mythology-expanding episodes in a row, “Stagnation” was mere, occasionally amusing filler, which even I’ll admit is a weird thing to say about an episode of TV involving a man dressed as a gloryhole-loving dog threatening to impregnate Frodo’s sister with Frodo’s semen. But it was a stall. Eventually, Wilfred was going to get around to having another dog living in the house, in this case Ann’s, so it might as well be now, before things turn super dark in the final two episodes (darker than Ann sleeping with Drew, that is).

Beside, “Stagnation” had one of my favorite scenes of the entire season: “LOVE IS A FREIGHT TRAIN COMING DOWN THE TRACKS/YOU CAN’T STOP IT ‘CAUSE YOU CAN’T TURN YOUR BACK/ON LOVE/LOVE IS A WRECKING BALL.” (I love me some angry mixed-up metaphors.) And now, your moment of W(TF)ilfred.

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That’s a first.

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