An ‘X-Files’ Spin-Off May Be In The Works At Fox

During the upcoming six-episode “event series” for The X-Files, we’re going to meet two new agents, played by Lauren Ambrose and Robbie Amell, beloved by all casting directors on nerd shows. They’re second banana to Mulder and Scully, but that might change if Fox has its way.

TV Line confronted Chris Carter with the rumors, and he was his typical evasive self. One thing Carter did note is no contracts have been signed yet, which would indicate that a lot depends on how those six episodes do in the ratings.

That said, Fox, which is increasingly loving the genre shows, seems to be mulling its options. Minority Report is all but officially canceled, which is bad for a slot that managed to save Sleepy Hollow‘s bacon when it wandered off the rails. And it’s probably soured Fox on any visits to the future after the struggles of Almost Human. So, if they’re looking for a genre drama, and they want a proven series, it seems like the genre show that was on their network for nearly a decade and helped put Fox on the map back in the ’90s would be a good option.

So, while there are no contracts, yet, if The X-Files does well, don’t be surprised if Fox is suddenly very friendly to the idea of a spin-off. Maybe they can put the theme in a major key to differentiate them?

(Via TV Line)