The Full ‘X-Files’ Trailer Proves The Truth Is Still Out There

This teaser doesn’t have a ton of new footage; it’s mostly the two teasers that aired on Monday cut together with a brief bit of exposition at the beginning explaining that the world will end on a weekend. But this one is official, so it won’t disappear in five hours, and it also gives us a better overview of what’s going on for this six-episode run of the show.

It looks like Mulder isn’t exactly doing well after 2008’s The X-Files: I Want to Believe, and he and Scully are still on rocky ground. Interestingly, it turns out he still has an office of sorts at the FBI, complete with pencils lodged in the ceiling. It also appears that none of the conspiracy he was fighting has gone away, despite the fact that we’re four years past the due date for their big payoff.

Also curious is the heavy amount of ’50s-set footage. It appears the Roswell crash is going to play a fairly major role in the series as it unfolds. As for who the scientist in the footage might be, that’s anyone’s guess, but the timeline does make sense for it to be Mulder’s father or the Cigarette-Smoking Man. As for when we’ll see how this mystery resolves, the season premiere arrives January 24.

(Via Deadline)