‘The X-Files’ Series Reboot Will Recycle Its Old Title Sequence

Some very lucky attendees of MIPCOM in Cannes were treated to the first new episode of The X-Files in 13 years. While we’re surely going to be treated to a brand new season of supernatural and extraterrestrial mystery and intrigue, the answer to at least one question was answered: What will the new opening title sequence look like?

Answer: It will look like the old opening title sequence! That’s the one above, with the delightfully ancient ID cards for Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully and Mulder’s “I Want to Believe” UFO poster that became the unofficial mascot for the show for its entire run. Will Mulder and Scully at least have gone through the trouble of getting new pictures taken, considering the original ones were taken 22 years ago (when the show premiered in 1993)? Have they really been that busy? [Ed. note: The author of this post has not updated her driver’s license picture since getting her learning permit in 1996, so she can’t say too much.]

“But wait!” you might be thinking. “Maybe the old credits are just being used as a placeholder until the new series debuts on January 24, 2016.” Well, fair reader, clearly you’ve been following our coverage since you know the exact date of The X-Files premiere, so thanks for being such a pal! But no, Chris Carter actually confirmed that the original credits — which were a huge crowdpleaser at the MIPCOM screening — will be used for the new series:

“We thought about doing some changes to the original credits but then it seemed like sacrilege. Those credits were on 202 episodes. They belong on these next six.”

Along with most of the original cast, it looks like a lot of things will be brought back for the new series. But Scully’s awkward bob will not be one of them, as brave as that would be. But I want to believe that someone will make a joke about it.

(via Vulture)