According To Yahoo, ‘Community’ Might Be Maybe Coming Back For Another Season Or Maybe Even… A Movie?

According to Joel McHale, Community is not coming back for any more episodes. His comments during an interview with Metro Weekly really come as no surprise as some actors have left the show while the contracts for the remainder of the cast have thusly expired.

After the series was resurrected by Sony Pictures TV to air on buggy streaming service Yahoo! Screen, it pretty much felt like the 6th season of Community would also be its last. Hell, those were Dan Harmon’s sentiments to me — after the Rick And Morty press room — at Comic-Con this past July.

Contrary to all signs pointing to the series’ end, Deadline is now reporting that Community isn’t dead yet. In response to McHale’s earlier remarks, Yahoo released a statement of their own about a possible renewal of the series, saying, “We’ve seen tremendous value in our partnership with Sony and are continuing to discuss future opportunities for Community.”

These “future opportunities” probably need to include a pay hike for all involved as seemingly every actor on the show has moved on to greener pastures. If Community does indeed return to Yahoo, though, would a movie on the streaming service have a greater impact than 13 more episodes?

In a word? Yes.

UPDATE: Joel McHale finally weighs in…

(Via Deadline)