The Year's Most Time-Shifted Shows On Cable Proves That Smart People Own DVRs

If you are disappointed in the live ratings for some of your favorite shows on cable, rest assured that most of them are being watched — often in double the numbers — on DVRs a day or more later. This is particularly true for FX, which holds five spots in the top 10 list. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? I don’t know? That people with good taste in television don’t have to live-tweet everything? That everyone that watches FX, AMC, and the USA Network knows how to use a DVR? Nevermind, it’s just important because of REASONS.

Here’s the top ten.

1. The Bridge (FX) — 164.3 percent gain

2. Covert Affairs (USA) — 164 percent gain

3. Justified (FX) — 144.8 percent gain

4. Mad Men (AMC) — 143.3 percent gain

5. The Americans (FX) — 143.3 percent gain

6. Suits (USA) — 136.1 percent gain

7. American Horror Story (FX) — 131.1 percent again

8. Sons of Anarchy (FX) — 129.2 percent gain

9. Graceland (USA) — 126.5 percent

10. Breaking Bad (AMC) — 117.8 percent gain

(Source: Mediapost)