‘Yellowjackets’ Broke A Series And Showtime Record For Viewers With Its Season 2 Premiere

Yellowjacketsreturn to the woods saw the soccer champions in an even more dire state than the last time around. As it turns out, though, these ladies are ratings champs. They’re rating champs with pregnancy cravings that will turn our stomachs, yes, but there’s a Queen Bee and a doofus spouse to entertain everyone, and the people are here for it.

As The Hollywood Reporter relays, the Showtime series drew an all-time high for a second-season premiere for the premium cable network. Additionally, this looks to be good news for the rollout of the Paramount+ Showtime bundle, since only about 10% of viewers caught the live premiere on Showtime, and the rest streamed the premiere or (to a small degree) caught up later:

Showtime also says the Yellowjackets premiere brought in the biggest audience for any season two debut of a series on the premium cabler since 2012, when Homeland’s second season began. The vast majority of the 2 million viewers came from streaming, as the on-air premiere gathered only 226,000 viewers — about 11 percent of the weekend total. A couple of on-air replays contributed a bit more to the total, but similar to season one, most viewers streamed the show. (Season one averaged 275,000 viewers for the first airings on Showtime’s main cable channel.

The show even outdid Dexter: New Blood in terms of sheer eyeballs, which means that we should be seeing Yellowjackets for some time to come. It’s a good thing that Lottie Matthews is a sure thing (and a frightening one).

(Via Hollywood Reporter)