‘Yellowjackets’ Fans Are Losing It Over That, Uh, Pregnancy Craving That Ended The Season Premiere

Yellowjackets fans likely suspected cannibalism was on the menu when the Showtime hit returned this weekend but no one could’ve predicted that WTF ending of the season two premiere.

The death of Jackie (Ella Purnell) hit everyone hard, but her best friend Shauna (Sophie Nelisse) had the most questionable method of processing her grief. While the rest of the team seemed to stay huddled inside the cabin for most of the episode, Shauna lounged in the meat shed where they’d been storing Jackie’s frozen corpse until the ground thaws, so they can give her a proper burial. A grieving, pregnant Shauna spent the season two premiere chatting and gossiping with a hallucination of her best friend as the rest of the girls worried over her deteriorating mental state.

By the end of the episode, Shauna had pocketed an errant ear that had broken off Jackie’s corpse after the two girls got into an “argument.” As the music played, Shauna hastily stuffed the appendage into her mouth. Naturally, witnessing the teen mom-to-be eat her best friend left Twitter in shambles.

Some found the whole idea that Shauna was carrying on conversations with an ice mummy unsettling (to say the least).

Others used humor to cope.

Some defended Shauna’s choice of a midnight snack. (Hey, pregnancy cravings are real!)

While others perceptively pointed out that the whole cannibalism thing was just Shauna’s guilt manifesting in the worst way possible.

But this comment brought up a point we were wondering about all episode. The pregnant girl on your high school soccer team barricaded herself in the meat shed in the dead of winter to have a kiki with her popsicle-ized best friend, and not one of these teens had the urge to eavesdrop on those conversations? This might be the most unbelievable plotline of Yellowjackets thus far.