Yet Another ‘Jersey Shore’ Wannabe

05.04.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

MTV scored a hit with “Jersey Shore” when it took the formula for “The Real World” (young people living together and being irresponsible) and made every person in the house an embodiment of the same stereotype. Since then, production companies and casting agencies have been trying to synthesize that success, trying to make “Jersey Shore” knock-offs with Russians, Koreans, Persians, Massholes, et cetera and so forth. And now the newest imitator is “Brooklyn Beach Club,” which has a shoddy website but not much else:

Are you a Bensonhurst Diva? A Coney Island Don? Can you do laundry on those washboard abs? Do you wear hoops & pack a jar of Vaseline… just in case? Do you like baby oil on your body and olive oil on your food? Do you appear to be between the ages of 21 and 30? If so, we want to hear from YOU!

So, it’s “Jersey Shore” with Italian stereotypes in Brooklyn. By using Guidos and a Brooklyn backdrop, this is even less inspired and original than the other impostors, which were already breaking new ground for uninspired and unoriginal. Truly, this show is on the cutting edge of laziness. The only way this could be a better emblem of not trying is if Jay Leno told a joke about this show, and then re-used that joke two months later.

[story via FIPS, image via Guysim]

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