You Can Still See Fake ‘Breaking Bad’ Blood In Albuquerque

When I traveled to Albuquerque last year to go on the Breaking Bad tour, I just so happened to visit the set the day the scene EW called the greatest of 2013 was being filmed. From my vantage point about 100 feet away from the White house, all I could see was Bryan Cranston running to the car, holding a blob-shaped fake baby, and Anna Gunn chasing after him. Eventually, though, Cranston came over to my wife and I, and gave us an autograph. On the piece of paper he signed, you can see a tiny speck of (fake) blood. It rubbed off his sliced-open hand, which as we found out months later, when “Ozymandias” aired, had been caused by Skyler trying to protect her family. That’s almost as cool as this.

Yup, that’s prop blood from “To’hajiilee,” still scorched into the Earth. Either that, or the guy who took the photo just committed the perfect crime.

Via Reddit