You Must Watch This ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Magician Blow Your Mind, And Then Pull It Out Of His Sleeve

I admit I don’t watch many reality competitions, but from what I’ve seen, viewers aren’t treated to that many illusionist contestants. If there were more magicians, maybe I’d watch more of them, especially if the magicians were as great as Darcy Oake, who is now the Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent, if Susan Boyle were a really good looking guy who pulled doves out of his ass. Oake is actually a Canadian who traveled all the way to the UK just to audition, and as you’ll find out in the video below, it was TOTALLY worth the trip.

WHERE THE F**K DID HE KEEP ALL THOSE BIRDS? (Stick around for the the final trick. It’s worth it. Just wow.)