The ‘You’ Showrunner Makes The Case For Stalker Joe Not Being Much Different Than Other Romcom Leads

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You moved from Lifetime to Netflix over last winter’s holidays and quickly became a dangerously addictive binge watch. Soon, though, star Penn Badgley urged viewers to please stop lusting over his serial-killing, sociopathic leading character, and he also stated that men are even more horrified than some women by Stalker Joe’s popularity. Season 2 is currently in production because, well, it’s such a darn watchable series. Showrunner Sera Gamble has now weighed in on the show’s popularity and why Joe’s actually not much different than, say, romcom “heroes” like Lloyd Dobler from 1989’s Say Anything.

Let’s briefly refresh our memories on exactly how pushy Dobler was while pursuing the object of his affections by holding a boombox (to the tune of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”) outside her window. In retrospect, it’s not a good look.

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