Richard Dawkins Has Finally (Finally!) Weighed In On ‘Young Sheldon’ And Compared It To ‘The Simpsons’

Do you remember where you were when Young Sheldon premiered? I do. It was 2017 and I was in front of my laptop asking God to have mercy on us all for what we’ve done (make a spin-off prequel to The Big Bang Theory). Four years later, not only did God not listen to my prayer, He made the “world’s most famous atheist” a Young Sheldon fan.

On Thursday, author, evolutionary biologist, and professor Richard Dawkins tweeted, “US series called Young Sheldon nicely passes dull time on exercise machine. Witty like Simpsons – not just contrast of solemn young genius vs sibs, but gentle satire on ‘normal’ US family: fat football-coach father, airhead religious mother, brash, in-your-face grandma. Fun.” Put it on the poster, folks: Young Sheldon is “fun.”

“One of our great posters was in the wilderness for years and then comes back with a banger, this is travolta in pulp fiction,” reporter Matthew Zeitlin tweeted about Dawkins’ out of nowhere praise for literally Young Sheldon, while @mxduki added, “the only way I can square this is by supposing that richard dawkins started watching simpsons in the 29th season.” That would explain a lot, although this isn’t even Dawkins’ most confounding tweet. That would be the, ahem, “I need a fat bitch” one. Never forget.

Here are more reactions to Dawkins’ tweet: