Stephen Colbert Bid An Emotional Farewell To Zobo The Joke-Testing Ape

The National Institute of Health recently ceased testing research on chimpanzees. While some chimps are celebrating their release, this news has hit Stephen Colbert hard. Apparently all of his Late Show jokes were first tested on an ape named Zobo. After rescuing him for life at the car dealership, Zobo and Colbert developed a special bond these past three months. However, this news has led to he realization that it may be best to release Zobo back into the wild.

After an affectionate embrace, Zobo left his confines to do a job he’s uniquely qualified for. Between this, and Harrison Ford making up with Chewie, this week’s late night television has provided a roller coaster of emotions in man and upright beast companionship.

(Via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)