02.12.10 9 years ago 16 Comments

The first video below is a stop-motion flip book animation by art student Jamie Bell, “A Brief History Of Pretty Much Everything”.  He made it with ink pens and over 2000 pages of notebook paper.  He says it took him 3 weeks.  The second video, sent in by commenter Stone Soup, is an interesting flash widget about the scale of the universe made by Fotoshop at NewGrounds.

Kids these days with their persistence and their ambition.  Back in my day you’d try to draw a flipbook and give up after 15 pages to chug some 26.9% alcohol mouthwash instead.  And flash animations?  A flash animation is what you’d call the flipbook, because you were trying to draw somebody stripping but gave up before their shoes were even off.  Oh, don’t act like it was just me.

[First video: THD / Flash widget can be viewed in a larger size at ArcadeCabin]

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