A Robot Penguin? Why, Japan? Just…Why?

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10.21.10 4 Comments

Normally, when Japan comes up with some weird robot, it’s not totally lame. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times. Yes, alas, the drawing at left is not indicative of the penguin robot we’re talking about.

I mean, come on, Japan. It’s like you’re not trying anymore. You have creepy pop singer robots, powerful exoskeletons as children’s toys, and resort trips with your imaginary girlfriend. We say the words “Japanese penguin robot” and it conjures images of, I don’t know, a glowing red-eyed Terminator penguin, sent from the future to kill Chuckles, the savior of the penguins, while he was still an egg. Not a stuffed animal on an RC car used to baffle animals that get baffled by flashlights and pull tabs.

I just…I need some space, Japan. Maybe we should see other countries. Video of this disappointment, complete with wacky sound effects and other trappings of Japanese television, under the jump.

[ via Topless Robot ]

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