Alex Jones Is Reportedly Moving Millions To Family And Friends To Avoid Paying The Sandy Hook Families

Alex Jones currently owes hundreds of millions of dollars to the families of the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting but he may have found a devious way to avoid paying his bill.

According to an investigation conducted by the Washington Post, Jones has been “moving money” to friends and family, likely in an effort to avoid paying the steep penalties he’s been found liable for in court. Jones has lost multiple defamation cases at this point after the parents of Sandy Hook victims brought legal action against him for spreading baseless conspiracy theories claiming the tragedy was simply a hoax. Jones has profited off these lies for years but now that the courts are making him pay for capitalizing on the massacre of elementary-aged children, the InfoWars host is claiming he doesn’t have the funds.

Jones has already declared bankruptcy, and he’s been peddling snake oil supplements to his followers to help pay for his legal defense but the Washington Post has examined Jones’ financial records and found some … discrepancies. Namely, the paper discovered Jones paid his personal trainer $100,000 a week to help him ship his merchandise. He also apparently paid a company owned by his sister $240,000 for “services.” Apparently, these unexplained and previously unreported expenses helped push InfoWars into bankruptcy, which has made it even more difficult for Sandy Hook families to get what they’re owed.

“As the potential for damages mounted, Jones began moving millions of dollars out of his company, Free Speech Systems, and into companies controlled by himself, friends or relatives,” the paper reads. “The transfers potentially put those funds out of reach of the Sandy Hook plaintiffs.”

Avi Moshenberg, an attorney representing the Sandy Hook families, agrees with the paper’s assessment in the report, saying “In the middle of this lawsuit, they started documenting debts that had no evidence of existing beforehand.”

Jones hasn’t been successful at gaming the legal system so far so let’s hope his losing streak continues because this is some real scumbag behavior.

(Via RawStory)