An Evening Of Double Yammering: KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

04.17.12 6 years ago 31 Comments

This evening, both the NFL Network and ESPN are airing three-hour NFL schedule release specials, which is fairly insane, given everyone has known for quite some time which team is playing which in the 2012 season. Sure, there are some fascinating wrinkles based on exactly when those match-ups occur, but everything remotely interesting for a national audience could be teased out in no more than 30 minutes. The third hour of these shows is gonna be some real quality TV. I swear, they spend less time jawing about Selection Sunday. Anyway, yet another reminder that the NFL is king and could command the attention of the media entire with little more than a seductive come-hither wag of its taped-up and Torry Holt-bent finger.

– As part of Project Do It The Right Way, the Raiders have installed an official draft war room for the first time in team history. You didn’t think all of Al Davis’ crypts would be converted to supply closests, did you?

IMPORTANT ANTONIO CROMARTIE EARTH REPOPULATION UPDATE: It appears there was some confusion about the latest update of Cromartie brood. Instead of expecting no. 10, who is apparently already a year old, he and wife Terricka are expecting twins, bumping the total kid count to a dozen, giving him a full starting 11 plus a sub for when the fat one gets tired of playing on the line.

– The story of the week most likely to incite a racial flame war in the PFT comments, Michael Vick is voicing support for a bill in Alabama that would increase the criminal penalty for cockfighting. Finally, THE DUNGE REHABILITATION MIND WASH IS COMPLETE!

– I’m just gonna spend the rest of the afternoon imagining Santonio Holmes getting high and listening to Edith Piaf.

– Kevin Kolb had a mature and self-aware reaction to the Cardinals pursuit of Peyton Manning. If that had happened to Joe Flacco, he’d have spelled out “TELL ME I’M PRETTY” with his smeared feces on Ravens headquarters.

– Blaine Gabbert cut his flaxen tresses. I can’t remember if that ever turned out to be a good thing when Tom Brady cut his flowing locks, but with Gabbert, I’ll just assume it’s for the worse.

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