Professional Scammer Anna Delvey Will Speak To Harvard MBA Students To Teach Them How To Fail Hard

These days, if you have enough internet clout and a couple of million-dollar ideas, you are automatically qualified to speak at Harvard Business School. Recently, Kim Kardashian visited the smart folks at Harvard Business School to discuss her various endeavors, and now another young business professional has been invited to speak: notorious scammer Anna Delvey. Which isn’t even her real name (that was her first scam).

While Kardashian has had her fair share of business mishaps, she also has some marketing wins from time to time, so it’s pretty fair for her to want to speak on that. But Delvey’s business prospects are a little more out there. After she was found guilty of conning various NYC friends and businesses out of money, she then began pushing NFTS before curating an art show from her jail cell. She has ideas, that’s for sure! But it seems like the class she is speaking in might be closely aligned with her interests.

According to Page Six, Delvey will be a guest speaker for Borderline, a class that explores companies “driven by well-intentioned managers whose plans go astray, ambitious entrepreneurs who misjudge their risks, and professional organizations led by scamsters.” This is one of the few things Delvey feels uniquely qualified for, so it might be beneficial! Delvey was convicted of grand larceny in 2019 and served two years in prison before entering ICE detention.

After being released in October, Delvey is planning a dinner talk show from the comfort of her own house…because she is still under house arrest, mind you. So maybe she will just have to Zoom into that Harvard class after all.

(Via Page Six)