Anna Delvey (Of ‘Inventing Anna’) Is Planning A Solo Art Show Which Surely Can’t Be A Scam, Right?

After receiving possibly too much attention over the last few months due to the Netflix drama series Inventing Anna, the Soho Scammer Anna Delvey may be back to her scamming ways. Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin) has been in ICE custody but that hasn’t stopped her from getting a book deal, an upcoming TV show, and now, a solo art show.

The former socialite has been sketching original pieces while in jail, which she intends to sell for $10K each. These pieces include comics of Delvey reading about herself in newspapers while wearing designer clothes, and sitting on “ICE” which is a great pun, honestly.

Last week, a Free Anna Delvey art show was put on in New York and for some reason was a huge success. Delvey hopes to continue the momentum and invite A-listers to purchase her pieces. Chris Martine, who handles the art sales for Delvey while she is behind bars, insists that “the solo show will be more guest list focused with a celebrity clientele as opposed to the grittier group show.” So VIP!

Delvey has been in prison for nearly four years and recently contracted COVID-19, and is currently facing deportation back to Germany. Maybe they will want her sketches over there instead.