BEAR Robot Is So Rock And Roll

09.07.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

“F*** yo’ car, meatbag!”

Vecna Robotics released a video of their BEAR (Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot) breaking through doors, swinging pipe, pumping iron, smashing car windows while flipping you off, and dragging bodies around.  It’s a military-funded project intended for rescue missions, or so it would have you believe.

The BEAR’s™ technology is a marriage of three elements: A powerful upper body controlled by hydraulics; an agile mobility platform that features two independent sets of tracked “legs;” and dynamic balancing behavior. The robot is able to balance itself while on the balls of its “ankles.” In fact, the BEAR can remain upright whether balancing on its ankles, its knees, or even its hips. [VecnaRobotics]

They forgot to mention the fourth element: being imbued with the soul of an evil wizard hellbent on destruction. This BEAR doesn’t play by the rules.  He will break your sh*t up.  You better bag all your lug nuts and hang them from a branch if you know what’s good.

[Thanks for the nightmare fuel, Technabob.]

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