Booster Gold Arrives In This Exclusive Preview Of September 2’s ‘Bat-Mite’

Bat-Mite wants to help heroes be better at their jobs, sort of like Reverse-Flash but far less creepy and evil. Needless to say, the hero most in need of improving is Bat-Mite himself, as demonstrated by his “assistance” to Hawkman, Robin, and now everybody’s favorite heavily endorsed superhero, Booster Gold!

This marks the return of Dan Jurgens, currently writing Bat-Mite, to one of his most beloved characters. Booster has a long history at DC, and a loving fan-base, so it’s a bit of a homecoming for Jurgens. It’s also a treat for fans who grew up reading about Booster’s, ah, more economic ventures in the go-go ’80s.

Booster and the Mite are going up against Gridlock, a new villain who, to quote him, wants to prevent “the devastating changes younger generations would inflict on us.” You may detect there is just a tiiiiiiiny bit of meta-satire in there, about comics fans and their taste, or distaste, for change. So how will Bat-Mite “help” Booster? Read on to find out!

To see what happens next, check out Bat-Mite #4, on sale September 2 on the stands and digitally.