Budget Dork Throne Finally Available In the UK

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Every now and then, I get annoyed that extra controllers for my PS3 cost $55 apiece. But then I remember how much more money I could be wasting on controllers. For example, to your right is the X-Dream Gyroxus, the throne for dorks on a budget. While supposedly its function is immersion, its real function is to tell you you are spending way, way too much money on video games.

Essentially it’s a custom controller that allows you to lean in any direction and whatever you’re controlling will go that way, just like the dozens of other controllers like this. And it’s newly released in the UK! For only $600!

By the way, the US version costs $250. Either way, you’re spending something that costs as much, or vastly more, than a game system on a controller. Unless you’re a professional video game player (and no, winning the local frat’s Halo tournament does not count), you’ve got to ask just who they expect to buy this thing. Especially when it makes you look like this while playing:

[ via Engadget ]

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