But, But, But China Wants A Giant Robot Statue Too!

12.13.10 8 years ago

Insert hawk sfx [here].

It used to be that countries competed against each other over historically monumental feats, like racing to the moon or killing the most enemies, but these days apparently China has other motives. For starters, they’d like to drop their name in the “our country has a giant ass robot statue” hat (technically it’s a Gundam, easy I’m aware).
Finishing the race after Japan’s 59-foot tall Tetsujin 28-go statue, but arriving far before South Korea’s planned Robot Taekwon V behemoth (twice as large as the Statue of Liberty), the Chinese Gundam copy is being built in Sichuan, as part of an amusement park.
Images of all three of the aforementioned humanoid effigies after the jump. I highly suggest taking a look, because let’s be honest, when was the last time you nonchalantly gazed up from your keyboarde and came face to face with a huge robot? And if you say “last Tuesday”, so help me God I’ll punch you in the stomach.

God*amn, that’s a huge Gundam!

Japan’s awesome Tetsujin 28-go:

South Korea’s planned Robot Taekwon V statue and theme park:

Special thanks to Technabob for their continued dedication to all things humongous and terrifying.

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