Call of Duty DLC Due February 2011, Xbox Live Exclusive (Well, Sort Of)

12.21.10 8 years ago

Who can forget the first time they sat down to play Call of Duty: Black Ops? It was an exciting time full of promise and hope -that is, at least, until the first noob cannon ruined your killstreak rewards and some 12-year-old kid in Baltimore called you a “piece of sh*t” over your headset. Yup, I remember that magical time in my life almost as if it were a month ago, and soon enough it looks like fans will get to relive the nostalgia of uncharted multiplayer maps when Treyarch releases First Strike in February 2011, the first Downloadable Content for Black Ops.

During Microsoft’s conference at E3 2010 it was announced that they had inked an exclusive deal concerning all Downloadable Content for Black Ops, meaning that any new maps, features, etc. would first be available to the Xbox LIVE audience. Pretty awesome news for everyone with an Xbox 360 *brushes shoulders off*, but let’s be honest, do we really want consoles bogarting content for games that are already a huge success across all platforms? Hell naw.

Moving forward, during a recent podcast with Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson, Treyarch Studios Online Director, Dan Bunting, offered some insight to the new maps that fans could expect from First Strike:

“On this map pack, we focused a lot more on providing variety of weaponry, variety of engagement … [and] a lot more verticality, bringing some sniper opportunities to it,” said Bunting. [source]

The DLC will include four brand new multiplayer maps, offering players the chance to unleash wartime hell across locations like the Berlin Wall, an abandoned Antarctic research facility, on the rooftops of Hong Kong’s Kowloon and then a US-based hockey stadium (better wake the Hanson Brothers). And don’t worry all you zombie enthusiasts, Teryarch hasn’t forgotten you either, the DLC will feature an all new zombie map as well.

Special thanks to DeviceMAG for the tip.

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