Selina Kyle Is Framed In This Exclusive Preview Of This Week’s ‘Catwoman’

01.11.16 4 years ago

Catwoman has walked away from the crime family she’s led for a while and is now a resident of New York City, back to doing what she loves: Stealing everything worth millions that isn’t nailed down. But being a thief has a whole bunch of job-related problems Selena hasn’t dealt with in a while, like being framed for murder.

Frank Tieri and Inaki Miranda have a tough act to follow with Genevieve Valentine and David Messina’s critically acclaimed reinvention of Selina as a Mob boss. That series was a slow, slow burn as Selina navigated a murky collection of loyalties, betrayals, and alliances. Their response is to take her back to her roots: Catsuit, whip, stolen jewels, corrupt cops, and a snappy pace. And just for flavor, of course, a corpse at the center…

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