‘That’s Disgusting!’: Please Enjoy (???) Charlie Kirk Learning About Glory Holes

If you thought conservatives having a meltdown over Tony the Tiger was the most cursed thing you’d read about this week, buddy, I’ve got bad news for you. Charlie Kirk, the twerpish millennial Tucker Carlson, learned what glory holes are during an episode of his Thoughtcrimes podcast with fellow alt-right weirdo Jack Posobiec. It gets worse. The revelation came after Daily Wire host Matt Walsh claimed that “Fox Corp is celebrating Pride by encouraging employees to read about ‘glory holes,’ supporting a group that gives sterilizing hormones to homeless youth, & deployed woke AI to monitor everyone.”

The term “woke AI” is like Mrs. Davis, if Mrs. Davis sucked (it’s great).

Mediaite reports that Kirk reacted to Walsh’s tweets on his show and asked, “What’s a glory hole?” He went to Urban Dictionary to find the definition, because he’s stuck in 2007 apparently, and had a horrified, over-the-top reaction. “Oh, that’s terrible!” he exclaimed. “I don’t want those websites. That’s disgusting! I’m gonna delete my browser… That is disgusting!”

One of his co-hosts joked, “Google knows about this forever. Your ads are going to be like that for the rest of time now.” Kirk, still puzzled by Walsh’s Twitter thread, said, “I don’t understand. Wait, so then why is Fox… they’re subsidizing glory holes for their employees?” forcing Kirk’s co-hosts to explain what the Twitter thread was actually about.

Happy Pride Month, everyone!

(Via Mediaite)