A Resurfaced Clip Of Chris Christie Mopping The Floor With Marco Rubio Is Taking People Down Memory Lane In More Ways Than One

Chris Christie has emerged from the humiliation of being forced to eat meatloaf by then-President Trump to put out feelers for a 2024 campaign. Reportedly, the disgraced former New Jersey governor intends to announce his official presidential bid next week. Never mind that the last time he tried to get presidential, Christie soon found himself making a “hostage face” behind Trump on Super Tuesday. Years later, his buddy thanked him by asking Christie a heartless question while they were both hospitalized for Covid-19.

Christie also went on to train Trump for future debates, and admittedly, Christie can have a way with words at times. Granted, he also has a way with shutting down beaches and then enjoying them all for himself, but let’s get to the point. As shared by Aaron Rupar on Twitter, CNN decided to remind people of the time “when Chris Christie murdered Marco Rubio during a debate ”

This went down in 2016, obviously, and I’d completely forgotten about this moment that turned into Marco Rubio vs. Marco Rubio because Christie lambasted Rubio’s own “canned” rhetoric on display during the debate. “The drive-by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25-second speech that is exactly what his advisers gave him,” Christie insisted as Rubio sputtered into that same “canned” language.

This brought back surprisingly fond memories for a few people, although that had a downside, too.

However, another Twitter user was quick to remind everyone that Christie did perform an “amazing decapitation, but effectively all it did was help to clear the field for Trump.”

Additionally, then there’s the mess that Christie created in New Jersey and left office with an almost impressively low approval rating. And perhaps he might take down Ron DeSantis in debates, but what would happen next? Uh oh.

Hopefully, this won’t turn into another hostage face situation with Christie under Trump’s wing again. Let’s relive that for a moment, too.