Chris Christie Hammered Crumbling Meatball Ron DeSantis For Being Tied With Him In The Polls

After weeks of relentlessly hammering Donald Trump every chance he gets, Chris Christie switched things up a bit by aiming his brutal New Jersey fire at a new target: Ron DeSantis.

While appearing on Fox News, which has given DeSantis a noticeable amount of favorable coverage headed into the Republican primary, Christie took a minute to mock the Florida governor for falling so far behind in the polls that he’s now tied with Christie. That dynamic is all the more embarrassing because it’s happening in New Hampshire where DeSantis has spent a significant amount of time trying to build momentum for his flailing campaign that’s already seen a spat of layoffs and resets as he attempts to calm the concerns of donors who want DeSantis to stop doing “stupid stuff.”

“In just the last two days there were two more polls that have come out that now have me tied for second with Governor DeSantis, one at 11% and one at 9%, so we feel like it’s really moving in our direction,” Christie told Bret Baier via Mediaite. “Our momentum is going the right way, Governor DeSantis is going in the wrong direction, and so first job is to get past Governor DeSantis here in New Hampshire. We’ve now caught him, now we need to pass him, and then we’re gonna take on Donald Trump one-on-one.”

When Baier pointed out that Trump is consistently “up 20, 30, 40 points” in the polls, Christie waved off those concerns.

“The campaign hasn’t begun yet, Bret. The campaign’s gonna begin when you and Martha get on that stage with the rest of us two weeks from tonight,” Christie said. “The idea that the American people are really focused on this race right now in the middle of vacation season in August around America is kind of silly.”

(Via Mediaite)