Chris Evans Shared Another Self-Deprecating ‘Slam Dunk’ Headshot, To The Delight Of His Fans

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Last week, Avengers: Endgame star (and consummate gentleman) Chris Evans shared his first-ever headshot on Twitter to the delight of his fans. “Apparently I was hoping to be cast as a dickhead,” he joked at the time. One week later, the real-life Captain America shared yet another headshot from his earliest days in Hollywood, and despite his continued efforts to roast himself for it, the actor’s fans were beside themselves with glee.

“‘Sleeves?? Nah, bro. Fuck that noise,'” he joked. “Another headshot slam dunk during my late 90’s quest to corner the ‘asshole’ market.”

Whether Evans’ continuously playful and occasionally reactionary Twitter posts are the result of a hired social media team or his own designs doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it’s working, and the 37-year-old performer’s followers simply cannot get enough of it.

They were especially taken with Evans’ repeated insistence that he was trying to be cast as a “dickhead” or an “asshole” type during his early career.

Some were hopeful for shots of his other phases.

The rest were just having fun.

Of course, there were the “language” tweets.

And the tweets about the “language” tweets.

But yeah, it was pretty much another good day on Twitter for the Avengers alum.