Circuits Can Now Be Printed With Your Crappy Inkjet

Senior Contributor

Time was, you needed a white room (sans black curtains) and funny jumpsuits to create integrated circuits. Now, apparently, all you need is a crappy inkjet from Staples and a few inks that probably cost the same as the ripoffs sitting on the rack at Staples.

The idea is that the inkjet printer creates very thin films of nanotubes. One film isn’t very conductive, but pile them on and the nanotubes make more connections, meaning integrated circuits are not just possible, but highly printable. You’re not going to be printing out your new laptop: the circuits created are just too big for that. But it could be used to print off “logic-based applications that don’t need a large number of circuits”, namely, sensors in clothes, simple transistors, and other fun stuff. Our plans for an origami death bot proceed apace.

[ via PhysOrg ]

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