Even Public Transportation Isn’t Safe From America’s Creepy Clown Epidemic

There’s nothing glamorous about taking the bus. It’s just a smelly sweaty rectangle that transports those of us goobers without cars around the city and if you play your cards right that puddle you’re sitting in is just stagnant water. The only real luxury request has been “no clowns hanging off the back of my bus, please.” Sadly for Detroit bus riders (like movie Eminem!), that’s not even an option.

Earlier this month, a driver noticed a (non-Juggalo) clown hanging off the back of a bus. Naturally, the dude freaked the fudge out (NSFW language ahoy) as he captured the weird-ass scene on video. The YouTube clip (nestled above) has already notched over 100,000 views and its Facebook form cracked over 600,000 in its first three days. Considering how often fights break out on a bus, maybe this is just a savvy way to avoid throwing down or paying your fare.

It’s not entirely clear when the fad of folks dressing up like clowns for sinister funzos will come to an end. (Halloween perhaps?) All we know is that this unlikely epidemic is awakening something, um, unexpected in people. No kinkshaming here, but maybe just keep that clown action off the bus.

(Via CarScoops & Jalopnik)