Conan O’Brien on DC Heroes Who Suck

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12.13.10 2 Comments

Conan O’Brien sat down with the Creative Director of Warner Brothers Animation, Peter Gerardi, to discuss some of the DC superheroes that were of lesser quality, in that they totally suck.  They question Bat Lash’s sexuality, discuss the appearance of Ultra, the Multi-Alien and Captain Boomerang, and speculate on Space Ranger, a guy who sometimes hangs out with the Green Lantern yet is wearing a yellow jumpsuit (awkward).  Then Conan sits down with the awesome Bruce Timm to draw a superhero based on Conan, “The Flaming C”.  Timm incorporates all of the absurd suggestions and still comes up with something which looks more badass than Captain Boomerang.  Not that it takes much to accomplish that.
That video’s after the jump, along with a couple more pictures and — to add some Marvel to the mix — another late night talk show video answering the question, “How many Spider-Mans fit in a Jamba Juice?”  This is important.

[Pictures above via BleedingCool, videos via io9 and HeroComplex]

Photoshopped by a.seivewright.

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