Construda Regional 1st Round: No.4 Cowboy vs. No. 5 Patriot. WHO YA GOT?

03.19.08 10 years ago 41 Comments

At long last, we address the all-important middle seeds and a key NFL demographic: bellicose white guys with guns. Can the Cowboy’s six-shooter make quick word of the summer soldier, found of standing in straight rows in the path of artillery or can the Patriot bayonet him in the dick faster than Horace Greeley told him to go west? WHO YA GOT?
As always, poll is on the sidebar to the right and voting is open for the rest of the day. Voting is closed. The Cowboy won with 60 percent of the vote.



Fueled by


Namesake for song from

Kid Rock________Company Flow


10 gallon_________Tri-corner

Secret shame

Forgot Alamo_______Didn’t mind Stamp Tax

Handy with

Rope, cattle_______Periwig, chamber pot



Preferred epithet for blacks


Finishing move

Romanticize stupid profession___Write purposefully open-ended Constitution

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