Correction: The Ninja Turtle Mask is Awesome Fan Art

04.27.10 9 years ago

Chok! Knall! Dröhnen! Mea culpa!

Not surprisingly, that cool Ninja Turtles mask from yesterday turned out to be fan art (more pics below).  It was made by a 20-year-old student in Pittsburgh, who made the animatronic for a class.  It can open and close its eyes and blink.  He posted it at an online forum a couple weeks ago, and has responded to all of us bloggers who thought it might be a real movie prop:

Funny thing is i didn’t even hear about this from the board. Someone saw me today at Savini, and put their iphone in my face with one of those sites up and said “Hey, isn’t this your sculpt?” And i was just FLOORED! Not to mention kind of honored. To think general TMNT fans would think my sculpt is a true representation of what they think could be in a TMNT MOVIE!? Talk about the ULTIMATE compliment for a guy like me. Not gonna lie. I’ve had some fun coming up with idea’s for a plot involving this design. But it was all in good fun. Haha, Some day! [EricZervo]

Well, I had my doubts, but it really does look like Michael Zulli‘s version of the TMNT.  So I get to be wrong about another thing.  I’ll add “Ninja Turtle mask” to the list of my mistakes, between “minidisc player, purchase thereof” and “putting Baby in the corner”.

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