Trump Fanboy Dan Bongino Launched An ‘Anti-Cancel Culture’ Payment Platform That’s ‘Powered By Freedom’ (And Is Surely Not A Grift)

Conservative radio host — and frequent Geraldo Rivera sparrerDan Bongino isn’t afraid to show his undying love and support for Donald Trump. So it wasn’t wholly surprising that he used his platform to rail against Stripe and PayPal after the companies announced that they were banning the Trump campaign from using their payment platforms for campaign donations following the former president’s obvious role in instigating the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Now, taking a page out of his idol’s book, Bongino has decided to fleece the pockets of Trump’s supporters by launching Alignpay, his very own payment platform which, according to the website is — get this — “powered by freedom” and “engineered to cancel ‘cancel culture.’”

What the f*ck does that even mean? Surely this isn’t some kind of Trump disciple-hatched grift, right? Right?!

We can’t say Bongino didn’t warn us. In April, the NYPD officer-turned-Secret Service Agent-turned Trump Zombie told The Washington Post that he was planning to create a “parallel media economy” to cater to the frequently silenced robots who believe every conspiracy theory that Trump and his equally crackers cronies throw out into the world. “Creating a parallel media economy is not a good idea — it’s a necessary idea,” Bongino told The Washington Post. “I want to be crystal clear, and that distinction has gotta be… lucid in your heart.”

Alignpay is, of course, just the latest way that the MAGA crowd is further extricating itself from reality and creating an alternate universe where sites like Facebook and Twitter don’t exist, where Trump is just minutes away from being “reinstated” as president and where people really, really want to read some bonkers “blog” penned by the former president.

Then again, Alignpay is “powered by freedom,” so what could possibly go wrong?

(Via Forbes)