“Der Humpink” Guy Possibly Also Curt Connors

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You might remember Christoph Waltz, who took America by storm by imitating the trololo meme, and was also a Nazi in some movie by some director nobody’s ever heard of. He’s considering his next role, and, of course, being a hot commodity, Sony is considering him for the Lizard.

We’re not really sure if this idea will work, to be honest. Not that Waltz couldn’t pull it off; dude’s got charisma to spare, if he decides to take the role. No, it’s just that every Lizard story ends the same: Curt Connors becomes the Lizard, Spider-man beats him up and lowers his body temperature, he gets injected with the Lizard serum and boom, he’s Curt Connors again. Then again, the fact that they’re rebooting the franchise with an indie director they can easily control kind of makes us nervous in the first place, but that’s Hollywood.

What about Dylan Baker, the kinda funky looking dude who played Curt Connors in two Spider-Man movies? We guess he’s up the creek. He and Billy Dee Williams can compare notes about what it’s like to sign up for the villain part and then get shafted by the studio.

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