Don Jr. Got Roasted For Calling Himself A ‘Builder’ After He Made A No-Good Suggestion About A George Floyd Mural

Donald Trump Jr.’s post-election escapades have included amped up, slurry “Motel 6” rants and bombing at CPAC, and let’s just say that he’s extremely online these days. And not so much based in reality. However, Don Jr. wanted to tell everyone that he’s a very hands-on type of guy in terms of, like, putting hammers to wood on his own?

There’s no telling whether Don Jr. fancies himself as a lost Property Brother, but he did describe himself as a “builder.” Perhaps he thought he could make that claim because his fam has deep ties in the construction business. It’s not too clear on that front, but what’s more obvious is that the shoutiest Trump son attempted to make a terrible, no good-connection between a George Floyd mural being hit by lighting (and it’s unconfirmed whether lightning is to blame or vandalism) … and “a higher power” which he believes is attempting to confirm something unsavory about Floyd himself.

Jr.’s racially charged rhetoric continued. “When was the last time you heard of a brick building being destroyed by lightning?” Jr. tweeted. “I am a builder and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of it.”

Well from there, the question wasn’t whether lightning ever strikes brick buildings (because it does happen, as chimneys will attest) but why, exactly, Don Jr. called himself “a builder.” Social media enjoyed that claim, and it didn’t turn out well for Jr.

No “Infrastructure Week” jokes? C’mon Twitter.