Don Jr. And Ivanka Did Not Tell The Most Flattering Stories About Their Mother At Her Funeral

Ivana Trump’s funeral was an atypical affair with odd stories from Don Jr. and Ivanka, who reflected upon their childhood. And with all necessary respect to the late Trump matriarch, it was probably too much to expect Don Jr. to put on a normal funeral speech. He’s known to deliver amped-up, glassy-eyed rants and unintentionally inspire furry jokes by posting far-right memes. He honestly seems like he’d be a bit too much as a brother, and it stands to reason that Trump childhoods may have been a little messy and certainly too privileged.

Ivanka Trump, as well, has been known to point the finger at others in an immature way, so yes, it’s not terribly surprising to hear that these two squabbled in their younger years. What is a little odd, however, is that Don Jr. let loose on his mom with what The Guardian‘s Arwa Mahdawi called “extremely awful” stories. Via Raw Story, here are some choice excerpts from Don Jr’s eulogy:

“Once, when they were kids, said Donald Jr, his sister Ivanka accidentally destroyed an expensive chandelier,” she writes. “Ivanka — it will shock you to hear — lied and said it was her brother’s fault; Ivana then pulled out a wooden spoon to teach Donald Jr a lesson. He kept insisting that Ivanka was the responsible party, but, by the time he had finally convinced his mother of his innocence, she was ‘too tired to deal with Ivanka.'”

Additionally, Mahdawi writes, Trump Jr. told attendees at the funeral that his late mother excelled at “emasculating” him and added that she “could do that with the best of them, and usually it was on purpose.”

As for Ivanka, she didn’t go into as much unflattering detail as Don Jr., but she did point out that Ivana told her to wear short skirts, so there’s that. Perhaps this was all said in a way that Ivana would have appreciated, as a slight roasting, but these are still quotes that are shocking to read at face value. Regardless, the Trump childhood experience sounds chaotic, much like their adult adventures.

(Via The Guardian & Raw Story)