Don Jr. Probably Didn’t Intend For His ‘Come And Get It’ Easter-Meme Posting To Inspire Furry Jokes

This Easter’s the first one in years where gathering has really been possible, but that didn’t discourage or distract any of the usual far-right suspects from tweeting unfortunate messages. Lauren Boebert received a Bible-school lesson while Rudy Giuliani melted down. Ex-President Trump nodded towards the “radical left maniacs” in his own way, but what of Don Jr? You know he had one locked and loaded.

Don Jr., he of the glassy-eyed rants that inspires “Motel 6” jokes and the amped-up Fox News sightings and who (not too terribly long ago) appeared to snag a right-wing meme that pulled the “come and take it” card with a trio of gun and ammo-brandishing human-bunny rabbits.

It was, to be certain, a very bizarre way to mark the religious holiday that often goes the way of Easter egg hunts and too much potato salad. These bunnies look even less enjoyable to hang with than a box of Peeps, and of course, people couldn’t resist reacting. Not only did Don Jr. share this violent-bunny meme during a weekend with multiple mass shootings, but naturally, people couldn’t resist making some jokes about furries and and commenting upon the WTF nature of it all.

And onto the next holiday, which may or may not involve Don Jr. singing karaoke near Mount Rushmore.