‘My Dad Would Have Sent Me To Gitmo’: Oh Good, Don Jr. Has Weighed In On Hunter Biden’s Laptop Once Again

Donald Trump Jr. continued to make attacking Hunter Biden a key focus of his father’s 2024 presidential campaign. While serving as the keynote speaker for the Turning Point Action Conference over the weekend, Junior wasted no time bringing up Hunter’s laptop, which has been conservative McGuffin going all the way back to the last presidential election… where it failed to give the elder Trump a victory over Joe Biden. But why let a dead horse go unbeaten?

“I have a feeling if it were the ‘Don Jr. laptop from hell,’ you all would have heard about it,” Don Jr. told the crowd. “Right? I mean, do you think if I was videoing myself going 172 while smoking meth, I have a feeling, magically, CNN would find it to be relevant again.”

Junior then attempted to trumpet his father’s parenting skills by claiming the former president would’ve brought the hammer down if Junior were caught in a similar scandal.

Via Mediaite:

“Like, do you know — let’s talk about this for a second — do you know what my father would have done to me if it was my laptop?”

At this suggestion, the crowd broke into laughter, and an attendee yelled, “He’d chop your head off!”

“Yeah, my dad would have sent me to Gitmo! You’re right!” Don Jr. said.

Junior ended his remarks by suggesting that maybe Joe Biden could learn a thing or two about parenting from famous Father of the Year Donald Trump. (Father of the Years openly fantasize about having sex with their daughters, right? Ok, just checking.)

“You know, I think Hunter could have used some of that tough love from Joe…,” Junior mused about his dear old dad.

(Via Mediaite)