Trump Is Overshadowing The GOP Debate By Saying He’ll ‘Proudly’ Be Arrested Tomorrow (Including A Mugshot?!)

If a debate happens in Milwaukee and no one cares because Donald Trump won’t be there, does it make a sound?

We’ll find out tonight when Florida governor Ron DeSantis, South Carolina senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, former vice president Mike Pence, and “fat pig” Chris Christie, among others, take part in the first 2024 Republican presidential primary debate. Trump, the frontrunner, will not participate; instead, he’ll spread misinformation with Tucker Carlson in a conversation that will stream on (sigh) X at the same time as the debate.

Trump is also preparing to be arrested on Thursday, saying he’ll do it “proudly” for the sake of America or whatever. “NOBODY HAS EVER FOUGHT FOR ELECTION INTEGRITY LIKE PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. FOR DOING SO, I WILL PROUDLY BE ARRESTED TOMORROW AFTERNOON IN GEORGIA. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!” he wrote on Truth Social. In a follow up post, he complained:

For the first time in three years, brave American Patriots will be able, in Court, to show how the Presidential Election of 2020 was RIGGED & STOLLEN. For those RINOS, Radical Left Democrats, Communists, Marxists, Fascists , & others who say, “Don’t Look Back, Look Forward,” they either do not want to reveal the answers because they “got away with murder,” or are FOOLS & COWARDS because we now know the answers to all of the Fraud, Irregularities, & Cheating, & WE CANNOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!

Trump is facing 91 criminal charges, but let’s add one more for his overuse of the ampersand. Now he’ll spend 700 & 14 years in prison.

(Via Raw Story)