‘Chickensh*t’ Donald Trump Is Reportedly Skipping The First GOP Debate To Get His Butt Kissed By Tucker Carlson And Is Being Roasted For It

The likelihood of Donald Trump showing up to the first GOP debate was already slim to begin with. The former president has been at odds with Fox News and there’s been a growing consensus that he’s afraid of getting on the stage with Chris Christie. Trump’s closest challenger, Ron DeSantis, will also be there, but the Florida governor has continued to fall behind in the polls thanks to his flailing campaign, so his presence isn’t really an issue.

However, Trump has reportedly put a nail in the coffin for showing up to the debate. According to The New York Times, Trump will sit down for an interview with Tucker Carlson on the same night as the debate. The move is being called a “major affront both to the Republican National Committee and to Fox News” after each entity attempted to sweet talk Trump into attending the debate.

Via The New York Times:

The timing of the interview with Mr. Carlson remains unclear, but if it goes ahead as currently planned, the debate-night counterprogramming would serve as an act of open hostility.

The chairwoman of the R.N.C., Ronna McDaniel, has privately urged Mr. Trump to attend the debate, even traveling to his private club in Bedminster, N.J., last month to make her pitch in person.

Over on social media, Trump is getting absolutely roasted for the cowardly decision. The former president dominated the 2016 debates, and some users are suggesting that Trump now lacks the “confidence” to repeat that performance. There was also repeated use of the word “chickensh*t.”

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via The New York Times)