Don Jr. Cucked?! A New Book Claims A Secret Service Agent Assigned To Protect The Trumps Had A Fling With Vanessa Trump

Donald Trump Jr. seems to be intent upon keeping himself in the spotlight, even when he overstays his welcome like he apparently did with Sean Hannity. That hasn’t stopped the most recent ex-president’s namesake from publicly expressing his opinion on everything from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to the freaking Muppets, but there’s a new Don Jr.-centered piece of gossip that will likely (at least momentarily) distract him from his crusade of owning the libs. Will he comment upon this subject? Oh please.

The Guardian is reporting upon excerpts from a new book, Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service (by the Washington Post‘s Carol Leonnig), which claims that certain Trump family members grew “inappropriately” close with Secret Service members on the president’s detail. According to Leonnig’s investigative research, this “dangerous” level of closeness may have been the reason why Don Jr.’s marriage to Vanessa Trump ended in 2018. Here’s the dish:

In her new book, she writes that Secret Service agents reported that Vanessa Trump, the wife of the president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr, “started dating one of the agents who had been assigned to her family.”

Vanessa Trump filed for an uncontested divorce in March 2018. Leonnig reports that the agent concerned did not face disciplinary action as neither he nor the agency were official guardians of Vanessa Trump at that point.

Naturally, personal relationships between Secret Service members and those who they protect are not only frowned upon but prohibited, so the issue is relevant to Leonnig’s subject matter. Further, she writes that Donald Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany, allegedly “began spending an unusual amount of time alone with a Secret Service agent on her detail” after breaking up with a boyfriend. The book details how this was a “tall, dark, and handsome agent,” who spent a lot of time with Tiffany, although Leonnig points out that Tiffany and the agent have stated that “nothing untoward was happening,” yet Secret Service leaders reassigned him elsewhere. Not that the president was concerned about this guy, though. The book points out that his biggest concern was that “I want these fat guys off my detail.” The King of Fast Food feasts also expressed concern that the agents (who he might have confused with office-focused employees) wouldn’t be able to “protect me and my family if they can’t run down the street.”

Again, there’s been no comment thus far from Don Jr. on the possible cucking, but given how the right-wing loves to use the term as an insult, any followup will be interesting, to say the very least.

(Via The Guardian)