Donald Trump Jr. Unsuccessfully Tried To Ridicule Lori Loughlin And Felicity Huffman

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Not long after the news of Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman’s indictment over an Ivy League bribery scam made headlines, Twitter comedians, commentators and trolls came out in droves to roast them. Even the president’s favorite son himself, Donald Trump Jr., decided to get in on the action and take a few shots at the two actresses and “Hollywood” at large. Unsurprisingly, however, his comedic efforts quickly became the subject of intense scrutiny — especially since Trump Jr.’s own college admission process is just as suspect.

Responding to a since-deleted tweet by Loughlin proclaiming that “there are more important things than money,” Trump Jr. simply quipped, “Hollywood.”

Via Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter

In another tweet, this time aimed an old post by Huffman, he responded to a question about the “best ‘hacks’ for the back-to-school season” with, “I’m learning some new ones as we speak. Stay tuned.”

Via Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter

But how did Trump Jr., who graduated from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, initially get into his alma mater? As NBC News reporter Brandy Zadrozny pointed out, this wasn’t the first time such a question had been asked of Trump Jr.’s collegiate studies. In an old article from The Daily Pennsylvanian, “Trump gives over $100,000 to Penn Club,” reporter Dina Bass noted that Trump Sr. had had “limited involvement” in the alumni organization until Trump Jr. enrolled as a freshman there. It’s also been reported that President Trump has donated $1.4 million to Penn over the years.

Anyway, you already know what happened next. Critics and would-be comedians immediately turned their ire on Trump Jr.